A few years back I was in a severe motorcycle crash.

The recovery was long, arduous, and ultimately successful.  It left me with some (cool) scars, bionic joint replacements, and a severe change of perspective.  After a decade and a half of full-time corporate work in the video game industry I decided to try something new.

I left the city, moved back to the mountains I grew up in and applied my skills to a few entrepreneurial adventures:





PLANET FICTION STUDIOS is a creative agency operating out of Rossland, BC.

I’m focused on the development of original properties and accepting creative work for hire challenges.

 All original Planet Fiction properties run through the internal transmedia pillars:




 Planet Fiction represents over 15 years of development, quality, commercial success, contacts and process.

 I bring this experience to my original properties and the projects I’m hired to collaborate on.

 I spend my days and nights writing/developing new entertainment franchises for film, TV, games, comics and books.

 And I play in the mountains.  A lot.

A driving school I own and operate that serves mountain towns throughout the BC interior.



A University of British Columbia program I co-developed and now teach that focuses on game writing and the creative process.


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Whenever possible I pack up my truck and write from the road –  surfing, mountain biking, and snowboarding everywhere I can.