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I have to admit I was more than a little sad to leave the mountains.  This ski season was nothing short of epic, I reconnected with old friends and finally had the time and focus to charge forward with my own projects (everyone has a novel in them, I finally found mine).  But when the snow melted it was time for me to depart, and yeah, I wasn’t happy about it.


But bills need to be paid and contracts fulfilled.  I now find myself hovering around the coastal area of BC waiting for clients to sign off, plans to become actions  and people to make decisions.

I hate waiting.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a very patient individual.

So, with a client’s deadline looming and another chapter for my book due I decided to pack up my truck (a kitted out F150 my friend’s kids named GARGANTUA) and work from the road.  My mood/brain needed a reset.

I call it the #TAILGATEOFFICE and I love everything about it. 

My vehicle has been modified to carry all necessities and just a few toys.  Currently on my roof rack is a mountain bike, a kayak, a stand up paddle board and a surf board.  I have enough food for a week, clothes for every kind of weather and, of course, my laptop.

I also have places to explore, people to meet and too much coffee to drink (need that free WIFI).


If possible I highly recommend it.  There’s a lot to be said for sitting on a tailgate, laptop balanced on your knees, surf pounding a few feet away and knowing that tomorrow you’re going to be doing it again but somewhere new.  I find my mind is clear, my creativity fueled and new ideas absolutely come faster.  I’m focused on my projects because I like the preparation and planning of travel and enjoy a well organized excursion.  Meetings are done over the phone while driving through the mountains, sitting on the ferry or walking by a river. 

You have to make sure you never, ever miss a deadline not matter where you are working from (you should always deliver early), you have to make sure you are prepared for all unknowns (solar batteries, back up portable hard-drives, lot’s of pens) you have to be prepared to sit in a truck for hours in an unknown town in the middle of nowhere and be able to consistently deliver on time, on budget and exceed expectations.  Freelance work can be challenging.  Doing it from the road even more so.  But it’s so worth it if your clients and you are happy.


I’m actively seeking new gigs, contract or full time.  I can always be reached on my cell (250-231-3744) or my email (

But, not this afternoon…

Today, having been working since 7AM I am now going to wrap up this post.  I’m going to go surfing, then prep a particularly fresh and large fish for dinner and then I’m going to sit by a campfire under the stars  and relax.

Best.  Benefits.  Ever.